Parent Jobs

Please note that jobs may be prioritized by the Board if the class is not completely full.


  • Manages general business of the preschool.
  • Conducts all meeting of the executive board and general membership. Makes agendas for all meetings.
  • Oversees standing committees and works with other board members if needed.
  • Accepts suggestions from the members and works with the teacher and parent education instructor to resolve conflicts.
  • Promotes communication among group members, teachers and instructor.
  • Arranges for substitute teacher.
  • Signs the “Parent Education Program Agreement.” This outlines the obligations between the college and the cooperative.
  • Updates, offers and signs teacher contracts.
  • Assists in any areas as needed including special events and fundraisers.
  • Acts as church liaison.

Parent Leader

  • Prepares and distributes monthly work schedules for parents then posts them to the website, on the bulletin board at school and distributes hard copies to parents.
  • Works with the teacher to arrange for training of parents to assist in the classroom.
  • Ensures parents are following the guidelines of working in the classroom, fulfilling committee duties and attending parent education meetings.
  • Shares suggestions and concerns from co-op members with executive board.


  • Should have QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, or other home accounting software.
  • Collects and disburses funds as approved by the members and keeps detailed records of these transactions.
  • Submits a tentative budget for approval of members at the beginning of the school year and notifies the group if running expenditures and income do not conform to the plan.
  • Presents a monthly report on the current financial status.
  • Audits the books with Parent Education Instructor in January.
  • Prepares year-end reports and submits books for audit by incoming treasurer and Instructor at the close of the year.
  • Responsible for transmitting the registration and tuition payments to Bellevue Community College through the Parent Ed Instructor by the established due date.


  • Records minutes of the business transacted at the parent and board meetings.
  • Promptly post minutes of the parent meeting at preschool and online.
  • Handles all correspondence.
  • With cooperation from the Registrar sends out May new parent letters and September organizational meeting information.

Registrar and Marketing Coordinator

  • Registers all new members. Collects and maintains registration forms.
  • Makes up class roster and updates throughout the year posting a copy to the website.
  • Fields inquiries from outside the school; does general public relations, including publicity/press materials related to the Open House and registration.
  • Conducts registration of the next year’s class that will begin in the following fall.
  • Attends outside Open House events as necessary.
  • Updates and distributes registration materials, brochures, flyers, and maintains outdoor co-op signs.
  • Markets the preschool when opportunities present themselves and by using Craigslist or other Yahoo/email groups.
  • Coordinates marketing brochures, advertising, activities with other parent positions.

Field Trip Coordinator

  • This person coordinates with the teacher in planning the field trips for the school year. This needs to be done two-three months in advance.
  • He/she informs the Parent Scheduler of upcoming trips. He/she is responsible for collecting any fees, making maps, sign-up sheets, reminders for parents, etc.

Hospitality Coordinator

  • This parent plans and coordinates, in conjunction with the teacher and board, preschool social functions during the year, such as family pumpkin carving night, Holiday tea, May picnic, etc.
  • He/she creates a snack schedule for parent meetings and takes care of set up/clean up of snacks before/after each meeting.
  • He/she is in charge of TLC at the preschool coordinating with parents to help other Co-op families in need.


  • This parent plans and runs fire, flood and earthquake drills.  He or she is responsible for organizing and preparing comfort and first aid packs, checking equipment and toys both in the classroom and on the playground monthly for safety, and reporting to the maintenance parent if any repairs are needed. Finally they check the battery in the smoke detector monthly.

Repair and Maintenance

  • This parent is responsible for making or arranging for repairs as needed. They also will maintain the playground area keeping it free of weeds.

Classroom Support

  • This parent checks weekly with the teacher for projects to prepare for the classroom. ie playdough

Supply Purchaser

  • Parent takes inventory and purchases necessary preschool supplies in accordance with supply budget. It is helpful for this parent to have a Costco membership.

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Representative

  • This parent is responsible for attending monthly meetings at BCC (usually the first Monday of the month) and reporting back on special events and fundraisers to the co-op members.

Fundraising Committee (2 or 3)

  • This group, in conjunction with the Board proposes fundraising ideas, creates a fundraising calendar, and organizes and delegates responsibilities required for each fundraiser.


  • This parent will be responsible for maintaining and updating the preschools website.

Music Program Coordinator

  • This parent will be responsible for enriching the children’s music program, with assistance from the children’s teacher.


  • This parent will be responsible for taking and distributing/uploading pictures on school fieldtrips or other activities.

Board Meeting Assistants (2)

  • These parents will assist in managing/educating board members children during board meetings.