What is Expected of You

Research clearly indicates meaningful parent involvement in schools is one of the most powerful predictors of high student achievement and healthy development.

During the early years, there is no better way to begin this involvement than by joining the Cooperative Preschool Program.  With the child at the center, there is a triangle of support for his or her preschool education: your child’s preschool teacher, a Bellevue College Parent Education instructor, and you, the parent.

Your responsibilities as a parent in the program:

  • helping in the classroom 2-3 classes per month, depending on the size of the class.
  • attending monthly parent meetings where you enjoy a lecture and discussion on topics related to child development, guidance and discipline, and other topics important to families of young children, presented by your Parent Education Instructor.
  • participating in the business of the non-profit Cooperative Preschool, guided by the preschool board.
  • performing a parent job or board member position.

The best part of this preschool experience is having your child clearly receive this message: “My school is so important, my parents give it the most precious commodity they have – their time and attention.”